About Us

Chinavi Inc., founded in 2013 with a commitment to promoting “Healthy and Happy every day,” specializes in creating baby and maternity products, including home medical devices.

In June 2022, they launched Through-luno, an internally developed electric stationary nasal aspirator, expected to become a flagship product based on parent feedback.

Chinavi remains dedicated to its founding spirit, providing products that offer peace of mind to expanding families.

CEO : Takahiro Soma

Why Choose Chinavi

1.Distribute Our Products to Your Markets:

Chinavi provides a diverse selection of high-quality and dependable products.
The credibility of our offerings will enhance and drive the growth of your company’s sales.

2.Gateway to the Japanese Market:

Currently featured on various major eCommerce platforms in Japan.
Our flagship items have garnered top ratings from Japan’s largest electronics retail store.
We specialize in aiding the expansion of your brand in Japan through effective engagement in both B2C and B2B sales channels, showcasing your appealing products.

Company Details

Corporate nameChinavi Inc.
Location [ Head office]7-1-10F, Nisshincho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi Kanagawa-Ken, 210-0024 Japan
Date of foundationNovember.11,2013
Paid in capitalJPY 1,000,000. –
PresidentTakahiro Soma


November 2013: Company establishment.
July 2014: Commenced the distribution of Angel Sounds series Fetal Doppler.
February 2016: Initiated the distribution of Pulse Oximeter.
July 2016: Commenced the distribution of Infrared Ear Thermometer.
July 2017: Started offering Portable Nasal Aspirator.
May 2018: Relocated headquarters to the current address.
June 2022: Introduced the new flagship product, Electric Stationary Nasal Aspirator Through-luno.
March 2023: Initiated sales operations in the USA and Thailand.